Launch Media Enterprises, LLC is your resource to...

• Develop, manage, and execute global and local program communication strategies.  Create communications plans that build your company's reputation as “employees first” - focused on internal communication.

• Create specialized marketing solutions based on consumer awareness and industry needs.

• Prepare for investor meetings, teach you how to tell your story and differentiate from current industry offerings.

Launch Media Enterprises, LLC has the experts that...

Develop and execute news media campaigns, strategic brand-messaging and track media coverage of milestone celebrations, social and business engagements.

Provide media interview coaching to empower your corporate executives during media exposure moments.

Can speak on your behalf to represent your message at press events.

Facilitate logistics for high-profile executives, including security services and  transportation.

Trust Launch Media Enterprises, LLC to...

Provide emcee support at special events.

Provide leadership, planning and facilitation of special events, inclusive of milestone celebrations and public engagements.

Coordinate special guests and celebrity appearances.

Utilize our extensive network to...

• Facilitate resource acquisitions for pre- and post-media production services.

• Coordinate audio visual support for special events.


Launch Media Enterprises, LLC will help your business...

• Create social media pages that will boost your Click Thru Rate (CTR) and Quality Score (QS) ratings for your website.

• Develop outreach materials including multimedia products that target key audiences through social media networks.

• Execute social media campaigns to enhance your global presence.


Launch Media Enterprises, LLC is your work force to...

• Coordinate with local academic institutions to promote corporate support and  internship opportunities within the community.

• Manage the development of exhibits and displays for conferences, workshops, and community events to promote public awareness of your business.